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FareV 经历,遭遇; N: 费用

Let me go shares with you in the taxi fare.

She didn’t have enough money for the bus fare. 她的钱不够付车费。

How would I fare in a strange city? 在一个陌生的城市里,我怎么度日呢?

I think I fared quite well in the interview.


Fair: 展会, a 公平的; 与 fare 读音相同

I’m going to attend the IT Fair in Munich this year.

Odds 差别,不平等

Our dreams is to remove odds for our kids.

academia [ˌækə‘diːmiə] 学术界

Government, academia and community leaders have the opportunities to lead change.

advocate  [‘ædvəkeɪt]  v. 提倡;主张; n. 拥护者;提倡者;律师;辩护者

Many educators advocate a liberal education. 很多教育家提倡通才教育。

We don’t advocate learning by rote. 死记硬背的学习方法,我们是不提倡的。

She is a passionate advocate of education reform. 她是一名教育改革的热情拥护者。

This judge is a strong advocate of prison reform. 这位法官是监狱改革的坚决拥护者。

liberal [‘lɪbərəl] adj. 慷慨的;大方的;开明的;自由主义的,丰富的 n. 自由主义者;开明的人

She is liberal with her money.  她用钱大方。

Her parents are very liberal and allow her a lot of freedom.  她的父母很开明,让她享有许多的自由。

The headmaster has liberal views about what his pupils should wear. 校长对他的学生应穿什么服装这一点持开明的态度。

He is an open-minded liberal. 他是一个开明的自由主义者。

He liked to think of himself as a liberal. 他喜欢把自己视为开明的人。

Well-timed snow promises good harvest! 瑞雪兆丰年

A timely snow promises a good harvest.


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